Webster Windmills

A top contender in the PRO Chess League

Meet Our Team

Just a bunch of college kids that play chess.


GM Ray Robson
FIDE 2674

As a world top-100 player, Ray Robson is known for his aggressive and fighting nature. In 2016, Ray finished 4th at the US Championships and helped the US Olympiad team clinch its first gold medal in 40 years. Ray will show no mercy in the inaugural season of the Pro Chess League. 

GM Vasif Durarbayli
FIDE 2621

Don't mess with Vasif "Crossfit" Durarbayli. As a representative for Azerbaijan at the 2016 Olympiad, and board 1 for the Webster University B-team, Vasif lets nothing get in his way.

Irene Sukandar
FIDE 2421

Don't let Irene's calm demeanor fool you. She is the top female player from Indonesia and ranked among the top 50 females players in the world. In February, she will show off her skills at the World Women's Championships in Iran.

GM Illia Nyzhnyk
FIDE 2611

Illia Nyzhnyk is a rapid, blitz, and french defense specialist. In 2015, he plowed over GM Mac Molner is one of the most lobsided deathmatches in Chess.com history. Illia plans to continue his domination in the Pro Chess League.

GM Aleksandr Shimanov 
FIDE 2621

Aleksandr "Shima" Shimanov has perhaps the most intimidating name on the Webster Windmills. This Russian born grandmaster plays highly enterprising and creative chess and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the Pro Chess League. 

IM Eric Rosen
FIDE 2385

In addition to being a manager and player for the team, Eric Rosen will be handling all multimedia (including photos, videos, and website) for the Webster Windmills.

GM Priyadharshan Kannappan
FIDE 2534

As one of India's newest GMs, Priydharshan Kannappan eats, breathes, and lives chess. Priyadharshan is not only a dangerous rapid and blitz player, but also a team manager. He will be the mastermind behind the Webster Windmill lineups.  

FM Josh Colas  
FIDE 2350

Josh Colas is quickly baring down on the International Master Title. With 2 IM norms and a fierce competitive nature, Josh is perhaps one of the strongest FMs in the league. 

Aaron Grabinsky
FIDE 2370

Having grown in a small town in Oregon, Aaron has proven that you don't need to grow up in Soviet Russia to be a strong chess player. Having just earned his 3rd IM norm, it won't be along before Aaron crosses 2400 and clinches the IM title. For now, Aaron will very nicely balance out the higher rated players on the team. 

GM Ashwin Jayaram
FIDE 2468

You can't spell Ashwin without "Win." That's all he does.